Offender Re-Entry Program Internship

Company Name:
The GEO Group
Why BI Incorporated?
If you want to make a difference in the quality and safety of our communities, BI is right for you. It is a place to grow your career - your launching pad for success. If you're passionate about influencing positive change in the lives of others, the Re-Entry and Supervision
Internship position may be a fit for you.
Opportunity Overview
Learns and works closely with staff to provide client programs, services and daily administrative tasks. Learns, uses and models principles of the "What Works" system through evidence-based practices in all interactions with clients and other staff members.
Additional Responsibilities:
Checks-in all clients entering the facility. May complete drug screens according to assigned random schedule for each client check-in.
May perform breath analysis on each client who enters the facility for any purpose and provides a written or computerized result.
Completes initial intake process with clients to completion, including intake paperwork, input into Company database, and assignment of groups and
other services
Assists Case Manager with client caseload using principles of the "What Works" system. Conducts risk/need assessments and creates individual treatment plans for each assigned client. Meets regularly with clients and documents clients' progress in Company database.
Files, prepares charts and performs data entry as assigned.
May participate in special team projects and programs to collect data to help improve center programs.
Co-facilitates orientation meetings with new clients to explain program rules and regulations.
Works with Case Managers to help establish relationships with outside agencies to improve
connections and client services.
May co-facilitate psycho-educational/behavior modification groups each week. Documents clients' attendance, participation and progress in Company database.
May answer the telephone and acts as the receptionist. Provides general customer service to all who enter the facility, including clients, customers and the general public.
Good presentation, public speaking and facilitation skills.
Good organizational skills and attention to detail.
Problem solving ability.
Good interpersonal skills.
Effective communication skills.
Good customer service skills.
Education or Formal Training:
Currently enrolled in an accredited college pursing a degree in criminal justice, psychology, sociology or related degree.
High School diploma or GED.

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